What Horses Teach Us, Forgiveness

Anyone who has been around horses for any length of time knows how smart they are. Most horses have the brain development of a nine year old child which allows them to use both verbal and non-verbal cues to not only communicate but learn. When you meet a horse or go into your horses stall, he or she is not only listening to your voice and the tension or timbre that is carries but more importantly your body language. Are you tense and nervous or calm, happy and centered?

Yesterday was a rough day, I had decided to take this week and really focus on my business – no more fooling around on the internet. It sounds so simple but when I am on the computer “working”, there is so much other information that my eyes seem to want to look at. George Cloony got married you say? Hmm, I should check out the pictures. The latest American starlet just got a DUI? I need to take a quick peek. These kind of diversions can end up derailing me for hours so I decided I would stop looking at the latest “news” and focus on what actually earns me money – my equine coaching and e-courses.

Meanwhile I had changed my internet carrier and it was supposed to go faster but it didn’t – it went slower. Super-duper slow and I had been working on a Sales Page for an upcoming contest and it was just about finished when I lost it all. I was truly frustrated with the lack of technology that needs to be at my beck and call 24×7! I turned off my computer and headed to the barn.

One thing that I have taught people and have always tried to practice myself has been the following: Empty my mind and raise my vibration BEFORE I see Zeus. Usually I can do this easily however, I am a human being and sometimes I do not take my own advice.

As soon as I met Zeus in his stall he was very quiet and contemplative. I usually look at him, give him his treat and greet him forehead to forehead, which always puts us both on the same page and allows us to communicate better. He was looking at me with his big, soft brown eyes-asking me if I was OK. Horses have always been able to reach me where humans have failed. Their thoughts are true with no ulterior motives. They only seek to help and communicate on a level many humans never master.

This may sound funny or be a new concept to you but I have always told my horse exactly what’s going on with either him or me. When I said I was “frustrated” he simply said “Well your here now, let’s do something”. Just like that I snapped back to reality where my frustrations didn’t seem like such a big deal after all.

Horses not only bring me back to the present moment and what’s really important (which is usually what’s right in front of you), but they also teach us how to forgive others by shining a light on ourselves. They are a mirror of us except they are a far clearer picture of light than we can ever be. One of the huge perks of being able to be around horses every day is the rare opportunity you have to be able to change. Horses don’t hold onto frustration, anger or fear. The emotions present themselves and then they are gone. For example, when you are teaching your horse a new move, he doesn’t know what you want but he tries and tries to please you. Many times he will fail until he finally gets it right, but if he seems frustrated, it may only be because of the inability to please you vs our point of view which is getting the move down correctly. There is a large difference from both viewpoints and you should always strive to put yourself in his place.

When you learned to Post on the correct lead you probably failed many times, but each time you picked yourself back up and kept on trying. It was an important step in your progression as a rider and one that once you have it, you never forget it and you never have to re-learn it. It’s like riding a bike and it becomes so easy to you that you probably don’t remember how hard it was when you were just learning to do it. If you have a good relationship with your horse he or she will try to please you to the point of injuring themselves. They will jump fences that they may not be physically ready for but they will do it because you asked them to.

As I got in my car, I was thankful not only for the communication and the feeling that when I am at the barn nothing else exists for me, except the 1,200 pound animal with a very smart, sensitive brain. He teaches me to be a better human than all the humans I have encountered ever have. Forgive your horse when he fails and give him the space to try again until he gets it right. The “Try” should always be rewarded because without that you will have nothing left to work with. Also don’t forget to forgive yourself, we all make mistakes even when we think we are doing the right thing. Horses don’t’ hold onto your mistakes so why should you?

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With Love,