Factors to Take in Consideration When Buying a Dog Tent


All dog tents should be strong and rugged. They have to withstand scratches but it is difficult to find one in the market that can stand up to constant chewing. It may be good to cut a dog’s nails with clippers or better yet, a dog nail grinder, to prevent tearing by accident.


Almost all dog tents can be folded or taken apart to make it easier to transport. These come with the exception of canopy beds that are used for short trips and gardening but not for backpacking. If hiking with a dog tent, it is important to consider its weight and size when folded. In case the tent does not come with a built-in bed, there should be a separate mat, which also contributes to the overall weight.


Dog tents for backpacking have to tolerate mild to moderate winds. Otherwise, they will collapse and trap the poor dog. There are models that have stakes to add stability. However, a dog tent is not expected to withstand harsh winds.

Right Size

A tent should be spacious to accommodate the dog especially if it has to stay inside overnight. It should have enough room to lay down comfortably in any position, stretch out and turn around. It would be hard to find a tent for a relatively large dog though there is one for majority of breeds. It is important to carefully follow the sizing guidelines of the manufacturer.

Breathable Material

During warmer times, tents have a tendency to overheat, so manufacturers have come up with those that have mesh windows for maximum airflow. Also, this enables the dog’s scent to leave the tent. Even if tents have windows, it is always important to check that it does not overheat on warm days since heatstroke can easily set in.

Waterproof/Water Resistance

It is best to get a waterproof tent for a dog when camping with it in the wilderness. The walls and floor have to be waterproof or else water can seep into the dog’s bed. Majority of tents are just water resistant therefore they can only tolerate mild to moderate rains but can’t be expected to withstand heavy rains.


There are dog tents that can easily be assembled because of their flexible popup design. Other designs resemble human tents with their poles and sleeves. People find popup dog tents to be the most convenient choice when it comes to beach trips and agility competitions but are not as durable as the traditional designs that come with poles.

Additional Features

There are a number of other features that people look for in dog tents such as a bag to carry it, mat with built-in foam and easy to wash material. However, a lot of pup tents are not machine washable so these have to be rinsed with a hose or spot cleaned. It is best to go over the instructions.