Using Artificial Corals To Create An Underwater Scene

The best type of fish tank themes replicate scenes and sights from nature. No one is capable of creating a gorgeous setting more than Planet Earth itself. Just look around you and you will see this to be true. Mother Nature has a unique way of placing rocks, creatures and plants in a way that Man would never be able to design on his own. And even when we dump our artificial stuff such as sunken ships into the sea, nature has a way of transforming our discarded items into beautiful works of art.

Rather than imagining and designing your very own theme, a simpler way to go about having a design that looks stunning is merely to replicate what Mother Nature has done. One extremely beautiful and completely natural artwork of nature is the coral reef. By putting together corals, anemone and rocks, you can very easily establish a mini reef of your very own in the comfort of your home. Then you will be able to enjoy the fish swimming in an environment that is natural and does not look artificial at all.

The challenge here is that corals and anemone, especially the live ones are extremely sensitive to changes in weather and water chemical concentration. Not knowing what to do and providing them with conditions that are unsuitable would kill off your reef within days, not to mention be bad for your fish too.

But there is still hope. These days you would be able to purchase artificial corals and anemone that look exactly like the real things. Placed in a tank with a slight water current from your aerating devices, the anemone would sway in the water as if they were alive and anyone would be hard pressed to try to find out if they were real or artificial.

When piecing the parts together, you don’t actually have to specifically arrange them in any order. It is in chaos that nature finds true beauty. Set them any way you want to. A good idea is to scan the internet for pictures of coral reefs and you can see how this looks like.

What you want to do first is to set up a rock centerpiece. Try getting one that has a cave for the fish to go into. Next place the corals on and around the rock. The taller corals and sea fans can go on the base while the lower types like brain corals can go on the rocks. Don’t place too many items on the rocks because we want to reserve some space for the anemone.

The sea anemone generally grows on rocks and they tend to be on higher ground. Find a spot that allows them to sway in the water current like the real ones do. Place them on any free spot that you can find on a higher vantage of the rock.

For gravel, a good idea is to use finer grade ones. Remember, the bottom of the ocean is sand. Also try to find them in sand color and avoid using colorful or black ones because it will make the design look odd.

To make your design stand out and look almost 3D, you can use a simple tank background. Getting one of either a coral reef scene or an undersea scene would make you entire design look so much more realistic. You may even add small sea creatures decor such a crabs and starfish to give it a lively look. But choose suitable ones. Since this design is meant to replicate a real scene, avoid the ones that look cartoonish.