One can only imagine the time and effort put into some animals that can dance to tunes and keep up with their human partners. Recently a dog and his owner won the British Talent Quest with just such a performance. A search for videos on the internet on the subject of dancing pets revealed a lot more remarkable talent on display in the public arena.

My little dog, Minni, could do a form of dancing when she would jump the 360 degrees over an object and that could probably have led to other things if the interest to encourage her had been there. Her breed was a Mini Foxy and they are commonly used in circuses and such as performers. They are often dressed in little skirts and stand on their front legs while their back ones are in the air. Minni would often walk on her two front legs, especially while peeing.

Dogs aside it is even more remarkable to see a cat dance. But sometimes you do and they can be just as entertaining as the dogs. Birds make great dances and horses doing a jig have been around for some time. Rarer sights are elephants in rhythm with a tune and even camels.

So can all animals dance? The answer is obviously yes when videos of such things as insects including a stick insect appeared on the net. Bees have been photographed doing their little dance and we know that butterflies dance around flowers and things, so that’s nothing new.

The purpose behind these dances must be something we don’t quite understand. But animals of all types definitely have the ability to move to some hidden agenda that appears to us as cute and remarkable.