PET PLUSH FLUFFY BEDS – Give Your Pet a Treat

For some of us pet lovers who have got a few pets in the home, finding the right bed or cushion for your pets may be difficult as there are quite a few options out there and one isn’t really sure if they are suitable, durable, long lasting and can be used safely by the pet.

In some cases, there are scratch marks that have been left on my sofa and made by my cat most times when it is startled, bored or just nervous. This does happen when we have a few guests or some friends pet come around. The same applies to my dog who takes up most part of my sofa when I have got friends around or just relaxing after a hard days job. The other alternative will be to have a few sofas in the home however this is limited by the size and space available in your living room.

Durable Pet Care now have the Fluffy Plush Pet beds which can be used by most of your pets (dog or cats regardless).

Firstly, they can be easily hand washed or machine washed and can be dried outdoors or in a dryer with no hassles. There have been other pet beds that customer have complained about which tend to expand and contract when they are being washed or dried hence having to be replaced every so often.

It is also durable, non slip and extremely safe. Its plush and fluffy textures makes it well suited to your cats or dogs. They find it soft and comfortable and can easily fall asleep when they lay on the bed

They also come in various sizes ranging from 35cm up till 100 cm and a range of 13 colours. The XXS size is 35cm whist the XS an S is 40 cm and 50cm respectively which is suited for small dogs, cats, rabbits etc. The medium size (M) is 60cm, L is 70cm and XL is 80cm. the medium to large sizes are suitable for big pets such as dogs. The largest size XXL is 100cm and suited for the bigger dogs

In fact, you can get a larger size bed for both your cat and dog to share depending on how they get along or you may just have to get each one their own bed just to keep the peace in your home.

Moreover, It looks great in your home and made from non toxic material making it extremely safe for your pet.

Finally, they are extremely affordable and can be purchased for as low as $10 on the retailers website.

WARNING – If you are in need for a pet or cat bed, then the Pet Plush Fluffy Bed is what you need.

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